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How it Works
Get to Know How it Works
We are so confident that you will appreciate and value our services, that we will create radiation plans for FREE for the first month from the date of the signed contract (maximum 2 plans per week for the first month).  In essence, it's a "try before you buy" structure with no strings attached! 
We are more than happy to provide you references from other clients so that you may hear their experiences with us and be more at ease with the remote process.
Remote Dosimetrist is available to plan for your department whenever you need additional dosimetry resources. Unlike other larger remote dosimetry companies, we do not enforce a minimum monthly retainer for our services.
Typically, the process is started by connecting via email, the phone, or even a virtual meeting (such as Zoom) to discuss your department's current needs and to address any concerns that you may have going forward with remote dosimetry.
If all ends well and you decide that you want to proceed with our services, we would execute a typical HIPAA agreement and contractor business associate agreement.
Once a contract has been setup to legally protect your cancer center/hospital and your data, we set up a secure and encrypted, HIPAA-compliant connection to your department's server and treatment planning system. We are extremely flexible on methods to integrate with your clinic's IT department's pre-established remote working protocols.
Various Methods

This can be accomplished by such methods as (often include enabling two-factor authentication for remote network access)(not an inclusive list):

1) Direct Citrix access to your server and treatment planning system: https://www.citrix.com/solutions/healthcare/

2) RSA SecurID which gives highly secure VPN access to your server and treatment planning system.  A user must enter a personal PIN to ensure that unsecured access is not granted: https://www.rsa.com/en-us/products/rsa-securid-suite/rsa-securid-access

3) Imprivata ID which gives highly secure VPN access to your server and treatment planning system .  A user must use their fingerprint on their device to ensure that unsecured access is not granted: https://www.imprivata.com/remote-access

4) VMWare Horizon which via personal password grants access to a local on-site desktop.  Access to the treatment planning system is granted via the on-site desktop: https://www.vmware.com/ca/products/horizon.html

Additional Information

Unlike other dosimetry companies that require that you send them DICOM files for them to calculate your plans, we will NEVER be in possession of your legally protected and highly sensitive patient information on our systems.  We calculate YOUR radiation treatment plans on YOUR radiation treatment planning system with YOUR commissioned linear accelerator beam data.  We are never required to have your beam data for us to help you!

Once we learn Radiation Oncologist preferences and department requirements, we are ready to securely login to your treatment planning system.  The dosimetrists at Remote Dosimetrist will work with your pre-existing departmental dosimetry worksheets with your specific objectives for target volumes and constraints for nearby sensitive organs.

We aim to provide the highest quality remote dosimetry services to prevent bottlenecks during staff vacancies or unexpected spikes in patient volume.  In some cases, we have filled the gap/need of a 0.6FTE at a significantly lower cost than an actual on-site 0.6FTE.