About Us

Partners in Remote Dosimetry!
Our Vision

Our vision is to create long and lasting partnerships with our clients and to share information within our network that could improve workflow in each and every department.

Our Mission

Our mission is to gain our clients' trust and appreciation by providing the highest quality plans possible and in an efficient manner as possible.

Our Values

We value honesty, communication, fairness, consistency and efficiency.  All of our clients and their patients are treated with the most utmost of care.

Areas of Focus

Our team focuses on every region of the body, ranging from the pelvis, head, breast, chest, and many more!


We are a remote-only dosimetry company and more specifically, a group of certified medical dosimetrists that truly care.  We always have the patient's best needs at heart on any treatment plan that we create for you, the client.

We'd like to think of ourselves as an a-la-carte type business.  You may call upon our services when you truly need some dosimetry work.  We strive to fill a niche of providing dosimetry coverage from filling a void of personal time off (PTO), work overflow, sick time, to filling the workload of a full-time employee, and anything in between.  If you are just starting a center and you can't support a full time dosimetrist, then consider us to fill the gap.

We provide high quality plans to you at a fraction of the cost of the competitors.  We have very little overhead costs and we are sure to pass those savings on to you, to keep your costs to a minimum.  Partnering with Remote Dosimetrist will ensure savings for your department; from not paying any benefits, to not paying in times where your patient load temporarily declines to less than normal patient numbers.

Priding ourselves on fast turnarounds, more often than not overnight, by our experienced staff is one of our highest priorities. Each of our certified medical dosimetrists have a minimum of 15 years of dedicated dosimetry experience, ensuring that we have the knowledge and experience to tackle any complex treatment plan that you may have in your department.